Saturday, January 31, 2015

Getting a Dog

Are you thinking of getting a dog? There are so many things to consider if you want to get a dog. Most especially if it's your first time to take care of a dog by yourself.

Research a lot.

This is the #1 most important thing that you should do when getting a new dog. Take the time to read and gather as much information as you can. If you are thinking of adopting a dog, check the shelters around your area and ask about the dogs you are interested in. Try to get as much information as you can about their background and spend time playing with them. If you are interested in a particular breed, try to research about their qualities, life span, temperament, grooming, etc, you get the idea. Do not get a dog just because you find a certain breed cute. Do your research first.


Do you think you have the patience to take care of a dog? You have to take them out every couple of hours during the first few nights you take home a new puppy. It takes a lot of time to potty train and you also have to watch them to make sure that they don't chew on random items around your house. Some dogs can be trained easily but there are some that will make you frustrated so you need a lot of patience.

Can you get mad at this face?

Money, money, money.

Getting a new dog can be costly. I strongly advice not getting a dog from a puppy store. The dogs they sell are very expensive and I have read so many sad stories about puppy mills. Most people will recommend adopting a dog but you can also get a dog from a responsible breeder. Either way you choose, you have to spend a little bit of money. We have gone to check out some adoption events around here in San Diego and when my human asked what the adoption fee is, they said it can range from $200 - $400. The expense doesn't just stop there. If you are getting a puppy, you have to make sure that they get their first set of complete shots. Some of the shots will be yearly after the initial set and some shots will be good for 3 years. If you are getting a long haired dog, you have to think about the grooming costs. Normal bathing can be done at home but if you get a haircut done at the groomers, it can be from $50 - $100. You also have to think about how much your expenses will be for dog food per month. Puppy training, insurance, emergency vet funds, dog walkers and/or dog sitters are some of the things that you should consider too.

Fresh and clean.

Commitment & responsibility.

Getting a new dog is no joke and requires a lot of commitment. If you are getting a puppy, you have to keep in mind that you are committing at least 12 years of your life taking care of them. Getting a dog is not a process of "trial and error". You don't just adopt a dog and then decide to return them because the dog doesn't fit with your lifestyle, can't train them or whatever other reason that you can think of. Dogs are not like clothes where you can just return and exchange them if they're not the right fit. That is why I mentioned earlier that the #1 most important thing is doing your research first so you won't be surprised when things start to go haywire for you.

I am not a dog expert and I just want to share my opinions on what to consider when getting a new dog. If you have done your research and think you are ready to take care of your own dog then go for it. My human said getting me is one of the best decisions she has ever made.

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  1. So true! My dog Doobie was given to me by a girl who just didn't want him anymore. sad, but now he is in his furever home and I could never give him away. You're a wise pup Speedy!