Sunday, February 22, 2015

Barking Beast Fashion Show 2015

I love attending dog events especially if it's an event that will benefit rescue dogs. I was very honored to be part of the Barking Beast fashion show that took place on Friday, February 20, 2015 at Westin San Diego. Tania Milberg of Barking Beast organized the whole event and it turned out amazing. It was only $20 to get in the event and it included a complimentary buffet and unlimited drinks (score!). Proceeds from the event were split among Rancho Coastal Humane Society, SD Humane Society, 2nd Chance Dog Rescue and Chihuahua Rescue of San Diego. 

I was one of the 4 celebrity dogs featured on the show. The other 3 dogs were Chopper the Biker Dog, Dozer the Surfing Dog and Faye and Mochi, the Ballistic Racers. The celebrity judges for the fashion show were Mike Costa (1360 Fox Sports), Maria Arcega-Dunn (Fox 5 News Anchor), Thomas Keiser (NFL Linebacker), Geena the Latina and Frankie V (93.3 Radio Hosts).

We arrived at the hotel at 6:30 pm. We took the elevator up one floor (lazy) to the Emerald Ballroom and when the door opened we were greeted by my smiling face! We went around to check out the booths from Ruff Ties and Rancho Coastal Humane Society and I met some doggies while doing so.

We made our way to the green carpet and saw that Chopper the Biker Dog was already there taking pictures. I went over to say hi but his dad said he can get too playful sometimes with other doggies so I just sat by the side of his bike. 

I also saw Dozer the Surfing Dog on the other side of the green carpet. He seemed confused and kind of barked at me when I tried to say hi. I think the other dogs aren't used to seeing a teeny tiny dog like me but they were cool and I loved meeting all of them and their humans. 

Chopper had his awesome bike and Dozer brought his surfboard. I didn't bring any props to the show. All I have is my long tongue so I borrowed the bike and surfboard and took pictures. 

After taking pictures at the green carpet we decided to go in to the ballroom to check out the food and drinks. They had meat, pasta and salad sections. Everything looked so yummy but I couldn't eat anything because it's for humans only. Luckily, my human brought me some treats so I could snack on some during the event. Humans could grab their own wine and beer. There was also a line for the 4 specialty drinks named after the 4 celebrity dogs. Of course my humans got the Speedy drink and they said it was delicious. It was awesome hearing other people order the Speedy drink.

The show was about to start so all the celebrity dogs got ready on the side of the stage while people were still trying to find seats.

Chris Cote was the host of the show and he did such an awesome job but I thought I could have done an amazing job too. Have you heard my interviews? Check out my videos on YouTube or you can go to my Instagram page and search for hashtag #speedyinterview.

Are these flowers for me?
Chopper the Biker dog went first then they called me next. I had a little wardrobe/leash malfunction so I was walking funny at first but my human took off my leash towards the end and that's when I started strutting my stuff. 

Dozer the Surfing Dog went next then the Ballistic Racers. My part was done so I can sit, relax and watch the rest of the show. The models went out one by one in their swimsuits holding or walking a dog available for adoption.

Here I am checking out the puppies... and there were some cute doggies too!

When the models were done on the runway show, I decided to go on the green carpet to get a better view of everyone. Chopper the Biker Dog went up to see me and I said hi to him. 

Thank you Westin San Diego and of course thank you so much to Tania Milberg for organizing a very successful fundraising event to benefit rescue dogs. We are so honored to have been part of the show and help out in our own little way.