Thursday, May 14, 2015

Dog Beach: Ocean Beach

I've been living in San Diego for 5 years now but haven’t been to the dog beach yet. One day my human decided to take me to the beach during winter time here in San Diego. We left a little bit later than planned and the sun was going down but we decided to still check out the beach anyway. We went to Ocean Beach which is located at the end of Voltaire Street. They have a big parking lot so we didn’t have any problems finding parking.

Ocean Beach is known to be one of the first official leash free beaches in the United States. Dogs can run freely on the beach and surfers will be able to catch some waves. It's a pretty big area so you don't feel too crowded when you are there.

We took Daisy with us and when we got there I could tell she was very excited. I, on the other hand, had mixed feelings about going to the beach. I saw a lot of dogs and that made me a little bit happy because I always like to meet new doggies. 

My human called me to go with her to the sand but I was having second thoughts, this is all new and unfamiliar to me. I looked at the sand and decided to trust my human and go to her. I stepped on the sand and it felt weird to me. When I licked my lips, my tongue brushed on the sand and I now have sand on my tongue. This is not going well for me at all. I tried to find Daisy and I saw her running around the sand and just letting loose and having fun. My human noticed I wasn’t enjoying because I was cold and I didn't have my coat on so she just picked me up and wrapped me around her cardigan. We let Daisy run around for a few more minutes then decided to head back home.

After a month, we decided to go to the beach for the 2nd time. My human said that it's such a nice day out and that I won't get cold like before. We had a little trouble finding a parking spot compared to the last time we were there. After a few minutes, we finally got lucky and found a close parking spot by the beach. 

I think Daisy remembered how much fun she had last time we were there and she cannot wait to get out of the car. I remembered how I got sand on my tongue last time so I didn't lick my lips this time. So far, so good.

I saw a lot of dogs and played with some of them and I was actually starting to enjoy myself. I decided to walk towards the water when all of a sudden I heard a girls voice "Is that Speedy? I recognize his Frozen shirt and then I saw his tongue". I think this is the first time we met someone that noticed me from Instagram. All of a sudden, I felt water rising up quickly and then a gigantic 3 inch wave swept me away. It happened so fast and I was lucky the wave only reached me up until my neck or something bad might have happened to me. My human quickly picked me up and ran to get the blanket. She took off my Frozen shirt and wrapped me because I was shivering. I am not having any luck at the beach at all. I was too cold to even feel embarrassed because of what happened.

Everything was going great until a gigantic 3 inch wave swept me away.

My human carried me for a bit then she saw a tiny dog and unwrapped me from my blanket so I could play her. My tail started wagging and I was trying to get the little dog's attention. I forgot how cold I was and started chasing after her. Too bad my human wasn't able to take pictures of that cutie. Anyway, it was getting dark and we had to find Daisy so our playtime had to end. Since I wasn't distracted by a cute chihuahua, I remembered how cold I was again and started shivering. A little boy noticed me and he was such a good boy boy and took off his jacket and wrapped me in his jacket. He doesn't know about my back problem but he picked me up very gently so that made me happy. We finally found Daisy and decided it's time for us to leave.

I thought we were going straight home but my human wanted to go to Mitch's seafood. She ordered a bowl of clam chowder and a mixed seafood platter. Yummy right? She didn't share with us and all we got was water. I remembered her saying that the food was very good so she will probably come back for more next time. I think I will tell her that I will only go with her if the restaurant will serve food for me too.

So that was my experience at Ocean Beach. Active dogs will definitely love it at Ocean Beach because there is a lot of open space for them to run. I didn't see any dog poop anywhere and I didn't notice any shells or anything sharp that dogs can hurt themselves with. My first and second time at the beach didn't go too well but maybe third time's the charm. We will see. 

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