Thursday, April 30, 2015

Therapy Dog Volunteer: Mission Hills Library

Did you know that reading to dogs can help children boost their reading skills? There are different libraries that offer this kind of program to help kids with their reading and also help with their social and emotional skills. 

Young kids are scared to make a mistake when reading. They feel embarrassed and feel like they will be laughed at. Having a dog program where kids can read to dogs changes everything. Kids will feel more at ease talking to a furry dog. They find comfort and enjoy reading to the dogs.

Volunteering at the library was my first volunteering job as a therapy dog. My human called Mission Hills library and asked if they were interested in having a therapy dog. The manager said yes so we set up a time and date for our volunteer session. They even made a flyer with my picture on it.

A few days before my first volunteer at the library, my back started hurting. I had another episode of IVDD. My human was worried if I can even volunteer and be around the kids. She was scared I might be a little cranky and she was concerned I might be hurting a lot. I guess I showed her that I was a tough boy and we went on ahead to volunteer. 

Since my back was still hurting, I had to be carried on my bed. The manager welcomed us and introduced as to the library employees. There were a couple of kids already doing arts and crafts and my human asked them if they wanted to read to me. Some were willing to read to me and I helped them pick out their books. Some kids were shy and they preferred to do arts and crafts instead. 

My back was hurting so bad but I am a tough boy boy.

The story is amazing. Please keep reading to me.

The first day went well even with my bad back. The kids enjoyed reading to me and we told them we will be back again. We went back to volunteer for a couple more sessions but it seemed like my back was really making me uncomfortable. My human made the decision to stop volunteering so I can rest first and get my acupuncture treatments. She told me we will volunteer again when I get better. I was bummed but I cannot do anything until I get healthy. I loved it when kids read to me and we are hoping to have another opportunity like this again. 

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