Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Pet of the Month: Kirby - June

Hello everyone! Sorry for the late post for the Pet of the Month. Kirby is our June Pet of the Month and you can follow him on Instagram for more pictures.

Nikki, his mom, shared some information about Kirby.
My name is Nikki and I'm Kirby's mom. I have been wanting a French Bulldog for over 10 years! I got Kirby in July 2014 from Family Bullies in San Diego. He is the oldest of his litter. Kirby is so sweet and hyper! I've never seen a dog have so much energy. He keeps me laughing all day and he thinks he is his brothers size; which is a 100 lbs Rottweiler! Kirby loves car rides, walks, hangers, waffles and leaves. He loves giving kisses to his brother Robbdog and playing with his basketball. Kirby is a big boy at 30 lbs and he turned 1 on May 21.

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