Thursday, June 25, 2015

Greenies Grain Free Dental Chews

As you may have noticed, my tongue is always sticking out and it makes my breath stink sometimes. I am always on the lookout for any dog product that can make my breath smell fresh so I was very happy when I received my Greenies Grain Free Dental Chews from Chewy.

The Grain Free Dental Chews help clean dogs teeth by fighting tartar build up, make the breath fresh and maintain healthier teeth and gums. I only have a few teeth left so I have to make sure I take good care of whatever is left. I will eat anything given to me but I have a very sensitive tummy so my human always has to be cautious with what she gives me. The Greenies are very easy to digest and I have not had any tummy issues with it.

The Greenies Dental Chews comes in different sizes:

Teenies: 5-15 lbs / 2-7 kg
Petite: 15-25 lbs / 7-11 kg
Regular: 25-50 lbs / 11-22 kg
Large: 50-100 lbs / 22-45 kg

I have the Teenies treats but I am only given half of the treat at a time because of my size. I love my Greenies Grain Free Dental Chews and I have seen from the comments on my Instagram page that a lot of dogs love it too. If you want to give your doggies a snack and freshen their breath then you should definitely check out Greenies Grain Free Dental Chews. 

I received a product from Chewy in exchange for my fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

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