Sunday, July 26, 2015

Pet of the Month: Timmie - July

Hello! July has been such a busy month so here is another late post for the Pet of the Month. Our July Pet of the Month is Timmy. He is 11 years old and you can follow him on his Instagram page. 

Brittany wrote to me about Timmie and she wanted to share his story to all of you.

I just wanted to write to you about my dog Timmie. Timmie went blind at 6 years old from Glaucoma. He was diagnosed one day and was 100% blind the next week. (The glaucoma was very aggressive) He lived with glaucoma while the pressure was building in his eyes for 4 years. Eye drops stopped working and he eventually had to have his eyes removed. It was hard for us to come to grips with him having no eyes (even though he didn't need them because they didn't work). The support we received on Instagram was mind blowing. So many people said so many nice things that helped us keep going. My goal is to stay as active as possible on his account so I can help other people who are going through this. Canine Glaucoma is not fun at all. Dogs are very resilient. He is currently going through heart failure but that doesn't let that stop him. This dog amazes me everyday. He has been through so much in his 11 years on this earth and he stays patient, happy and so loving. 

Isn't Timmie's story so inspiring? Thank you to all the furry parents like Brittany who will do anything for their furry babies. 

I love looking at cute pictures of your pets and reading about their awesome stories. If you want to share their story about their cuteness, bring awareness about a particular disease or just share anything in general, then click on this link for more details on how you can get your pet featured.

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