Monday, August 24, 2015

Friendship Collar: Hipster Pup

Friendship Collar has a collection of different collars and bracelets to match furry babies with their humans. These collars are a great way of showing the bond between pets and their humans and at the same time look fashionable while doing so.

The cat collars and human bracelets come in only one size. The cat collars are adjustable and have been made with an automatic snap closure. It has been designed like this to ensure that your kitty cat won't get hurt if he/she gets caught on a piece of furniture. The human bracelets have a metal buckle closure and can fit a wide range of wrist sizes. My human wears it on the smallest hole.
The dog collars are available in different sizes from XXXS to XXL. I was going to get the XXXS at first but I told them the size of the collar I am currently wearing is 9" and that I have a lot of excess skin on my neck so I got the XXS instead. The XXS fits me fine but I think that it would be nice if they could have added an extra tab to slide in and hold the end of the bracelet for a cleaner look.

We got the Hipster Pup and it is one of their newest styles released. The bracelet and collar comes in a white pouch and inside was a card specifically for the Hipster Pup design. 

I like matching with my human and it is one of the ways that I feel bonded with her. You can check out our interview for Friendship Collar's Fashionable Friendships here

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  1. This is really cute Speedy! I want to buy Mariachi one so we match :)