Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Pet of the Month: Hank - August

Our featured August Pet of the Month is Hank. He is a 3 year old mutt (part beagle and spaniel) and was rescued at the age of 6 months. 

Read what his human Jane shared about him:

Hank was rescued at the age of six months after he was abandoned in the West Virginia wilderness.  He found a new home with us after living with a foster family for a month until we adopted him. Hank lived with cats in his foster home so he tends to have some feline tendencies such as drinking milk, climbing on the edges of furniture and even making some purre noises when he sleeps. Hank is a real life cat dog. Hank is extremely needy for his humans love because he never had a family for the first few months of his life. He likes to climb on top of us when we are sleeping and loves to give everyone lots of kisses. 

When Hank was one year old, a pink "cherry eye "formed in his right eye leaving us worried about his eye sight. The vets told us that surgery would be needed to remove the pink layer coming out of his eye but even then it would never ensure his normal eye would return. Thankfully Hank sees fine now, and his eye, along with his overbite, sets him apart from other dogs. Hank likes to look at cute pups who looks a little different and it inspires Hank to be the best. I want to share Hank's story to show that you can turn an imperfect beginning into a life filled with love with the help of a happy and loving family.

You can follow Hank on his own Instagram account.

I love looking at cute pictures of your pets. Click on this link if you want to share your pet's story and have him/her featured as the Pet of the Month. 

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