Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A Day in My Life

Are you curious to know what a day in my life is like? I'm sure you think that since I am a dog all I do is sleep sleep sleep. That might be true on weekdays but on weekends my human takes me along with her.

10:15 am

I start my day with some yummy breakfast. My human gives me soft food mixed with liquid joint supplements. My problem starts after breakfast... I always have a hard time figuring out what to wear because I have a lot of clothes. I decided to wear my Santa hoodie outfit.

I have my own portable heater because I always get cold during "winter" in San Diego.

10:45 am

I volunteer at Vi at La Jolla on Saturdays as a therapy dog. I go there, show up and hope that I can bring joy to the seniors there. It's only 11 miles away so off we go.

Vi at La Jolla's schedule for the day.

11:00 am

We get to the Care Center and they have valet so we don't have a problem with parking. We make our way to the lobby and sign up at the volunteer logbook. While waiting for Terri, the lifestyle coordinator, my human saw a Christmas tree and decided to take pictures of me. 

Vi at La Jolla Village

Happy Holidays!

Terri comes to meet us and we start my volunteer at the first floor. We go to the activity room and the seniors were actually in the middle of passing a ball around. Terri interrupts them and introduces me to everyone and tells them that I am a therapy dog volunteer. Instead of the ball being passed around, I am the one now being passed from one lap to another. I spend a couple of minutes per person and they all ask me how old I am because I look so tiny. My human tells them I am 6 years old, turning 7 on February and they all tell me I look good for my age. I am very happy. It's true what they say about guys... "Men are like wine, some turn to vinegar but the best improve with age".

Therapy dog duties.

They enjoy holding me and I love it too.

After spending enough time on the first floor we ride the elevator up to the 3rd floor. We tried to go from room to room but most of them were at the living room doing Chair Zumba. We went to the 2nd floor and I said hi to the employees working. They asked to take a picture of me so my human let them. We did our room to room visits and I usually just visit the ladies but this time I visited some guys too. They were happy to see me and they were telling me about their dogs as well. One guy said that he's happy we volunteer but hopes that he doesn't see us too often because that would mean that he has to undergo an operation again. 2nd floor is where the seniors usually stay for a couple of weeks while doing physical rehab after an operation and then they go home when they are fully healed. We were done volunteering and while waiting for the elevator, we noticed there was another Christmas tree so we decided to take more pictures. Some of the employees took pictures of me too.

Another Christmas tree, another picture. 
11:45 am

We finished early so we decided to go to UTC mall right across the street because my human was hungry and she hasn't had breakfast yet. I changed out of my Santa outfit and into my hoodie homeboy shirt. We were making our way to the food court when we got stopped by some lovely folks and they asked about me: how old I am, what kind of dog I am, why my tongue is out, etc. One guy shared that they had to put their dog down 3 months ago because their dog was old and sick and I felt really sad for them. They even asked my human where they got me because they probably want to get a doggy like me.

I just want to give joy to everyone.

We started walking towards the food court when a young girl stopped us and asked if she could pet me. We never say no so of course we stopped and talked to her for a bit. Then she shouted to her friend who was very far away "EMILY! EMILY! COME OVER HERE!". Everyone looked at her but she didn't care so now there were 3 of them petting me. I am enjoying all the love that I am getting from them. My human was hungry though so we kept walking but we still got stopped a couple of times by fellow pet owners. I met 3 dogs that day and it was fun. We finally made it at the food court and my human got some Thai food: mango chicken and lemon pepper chicken with Thai fried rice. She said it was yummy but I can't have human food. We listened to some live Christmas music and I stayed in my human's bag because I was getting chilly. My human said it wasn't that cold but I just get cold all the time even if I am already wearing a thick shirt.

Met a couple of cool young girls.

Met a doggy.

I get cold so I stayed inside my human's bag while she ate her Thai food.

12:45 pm

We drove back home to drop off some stuff and get the package that I want to mail to my friend Tammy from Canada. We go to the post office and there was quite a long line so we were there for a couple of minutes just waiting. We didn't know what to do so the lady at the counter told us we need to fill out a customs form. When we were done my human said she was going to take me to see Santa and I was so happy.

1:30 pm

We went to our local Petco store so I can get a picture with Santa. There was no line so we paid for the picture and then went to see Santa right away. I could tell that they were cutting down on expenses because of the set up. They had more Christmas decors for the background picture last year compared to this year but nevertheless my picture still turned out great. I got treats for being a good boy.

Santa Claus iPhone picture. This is not the official picture I got from Petco. 

Joy. Love. Pets.

1:50 pm

My activities were done for the day but my human wanted to buy some stuff at the mall so we went to Plaza Bonita mall. Finding a parking was a nightmare. We went around for more than 10 mins to try to find a parking and we eventually found one. We are not going back there again on a weekend. We went to different stores and my human was able to buy some Christmas presents. The shoppers at the mall were mostly Mexicans and Filipinos so when we were walking around we heard a lot of people saying la lengua. I knew they were talking about my tongue. We went to Aldo to check out some items on sale and a group of ladies asked to take my picture and my human let them take pictures even if we were both getting tired.

I think my purpose in life is to give joy to others.

OMG! I saw more Lambys!

4:00 pm

We were finally done shopping and ready to go home. My human got a Christmas frappuccino from Starbucks and some flavored fries from La Patata to eat while on the road. I was tired and my human thought I was going to pass out but when we got home I was up and watched tv with her.

So that is how I spent my Saturday. It varies every weekend though, sometimes my human will just let me sleep and rest and sometimes she will take me out to the park with Daisy. All I know is I have fun every time I go out. 


  1. Speedy you're so inspiring! I'm going to start taking my little chihuahua Bentley to visit with people and make them happy, just like you. He sticks his tongue out too, but yours sticks out more than his does, hehe! :)

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