Friday, December 5, 2014

Balboa Park December Nights

It's that time of the year again. My human likes to go to Balboa Park December Nights and it only happens 2 nights in a year so it can get pretty crowded. I wanted to come but my human said it's not really for small dogs. My human always sees a lot of other humans bring their dogs to the park but she knows I will freeze. I will probably need at least 2 fur coats to keep me warm because I am always cold. My human said she saw more than 15 dogs tonight and one was even in the stroller.

I was upset my human left me so I got the party started.

The walk going to Balboa Park.

If you plan to go, make sure to wear warm clothes because it can still get a little chilly even if this is San Diego. There will also be a lot of walking involved so wear comfortable shoes. Parking is a little difficult and some people pay $20 to be able to park close enough to the park. Some people prefer to park far and just take the free shuttle bus. Luckily my human works across the park so she can park in her work building for free. You can check out Balboa Park's website for information regarding different parking options.

This is a big 2 day event (December 5 & 6) and participating museums will be open from 5-9 pm free of charge. My human went to see Museum of Man. There was a line but it went by pretty fast.

Don't eat a heavy meal before going to Balboa Park because there are a lot of food everywhere showcasing delicacies from all over the world. You can keep yourself warm by sipping on some hot apple cider or hot chocolate. For those that are 21 and above, there is an area where you can get some liquor. Remember to bring cash though because some stalls will not accept cards. There is also a carnival section at the park that have different rides and games to keep your kids busy.

If you are in a festive mood (and I don't know why you wouldn't be) then you should also check out the different shows they have all throughout the day.

This is mostly an outdoor event so you can bring your dogs but only if they are bigger dogs. If you have smaller dogs, you might have to carry them to avoid being stepped on. If you want to go in museums then you shouldn't bring your dogs with you because I don't think you can bring them in except if you have a service dog. Overall, this is an enjoyable experience that everyone who isn't Scrooge will love. Happy Holidays!

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