Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas Card 2014

This is the first year I am sending out Christmas cards to my friends. I was going to do it last year but ran out of time. I wanted to mail the cards out to my friends in time for Christmas so I quickly chose pictures to put in my Christmas card. I included Daisy in the card because it's my first time celebrating Christmas with her.

Our matching Christmas outfits. The sleeves look like bell bottom style jeans on me. 

I picked out the pictures and design for the card and all I have to do now is to have it printed out at the store. I wanted to add something special to the Christmas card so I thought it would be nice to include my paw print. I just don't know where to put my paw print, should I put it on a piece of paper, an index card? I was thinking of doing what my human used to do for school projects before, burn the edges of the paper to make it look old. I was still undecided. Me and my human went to the store to pick up the Christmas cards and we went around and looked for a rubber stamp pad. While looking for a stamp pad we came across some post-its and saw a post-it of an iPhone. Perfect! Now we're all done shopping. We have my Christmas cards, stickers to put on the envelope, rubber stamp pad, iPhone post-it for my paw print and forever stamps.

I found a stamp pad.

When we got home, my human started working on putting stickers on the envelopes. After that, she got a napkin to put on her lap and we started putting my paw print on the iPhone post-its. We made a lot and I wanted to pass out after we were done but I had to take a bath to clean off the stamp ink on my paw.

Christmas stickers on the envelopes.

Who wants to high five my inked paw?

Paw prints galore.

My human put the post-it with my paw print and Christmas card inside the envelopes and sealed it. She put stamps on all of the envelopes and we are finally done. Yay! She mailed the cards the next day and some of my friends told me they got it already.

Ready to send out the cards.

Mailing my Christmas cards.

Sending out cards was a little time consuming but I loved doing it. Check out my paw print and 2014 Christmas card:

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  1. I just loved my card Speedy!! Thank you so much for taking the time to send me something so creative! It put me in the Christmas spirit! :)