Thursday, April 2, 2015

Dog Yoga Guinness World Record 2015

Sorry for the late post about this event. I've been too busy... sleeping.

On Sunday, January 25, 2015, dogs and humans participated in the dog yoga event hosted by San Diego Humane Society and Leash Your Fitness. They hosted this event to break the Guinness World Record for most dogs and people doing yoga together in one place. My human registered 2 days before the event and I was so excited to do yoga.

We arrived at Carmel Valley Recreation Center at around 9:15 AM. We went to the registration booth and signed up. There was no fee for the registration but the suggested amount for the donation was $10. While we were signing up, there was a girl from San Diego Humane Society who asked me if I was the Chargers fan that was featured as the last Weekly Fluff for 2014 on Instagram. Yup that's me. Go Chargers!

I'm scared. Will they ask us to do a handstand? 

We got there early and there was still a lot of time so we decided to look around. There were some booths set up and the doggies can play or go potty by the grassy area while waiting. We checked the booths then went up towards the field and waited by the bleacher seats. Some humans were pointing at me because they were amazed by my awesome cap. They didn't think that there were caps made for my size. I love meeting new doggies so I said hi to them and to their humans too.

This photobomber guy is copying my Speedy swag. Yellow shirt and blue cap. Oh come on. What a copycat!

Saying hi to my fellow doggie yoginis.

After a couple minutes of chit chatting, we were told that we can start lining up. We made it to the first group. It was explained to us that Guinness has specific rules when it comes to breaking records. One of the rules was to group people by 50's. The 1st group will have 50 people, the 2nd group another 50 and so on. We made it to group 1.

Dawn Celapino of Leash Your Fitness was the person in charge to lead the dog yoga class. She told us to find a place and lay our mats on the grass. We were told to be quiet, reflect and meditate. We were all surprised by how peaceful everyone was. No dogs were barking or running around. All the doggies just stayed beside their humans. Since we were in the first group, we had to wait awhile for everyone to get settled down.

San Diego Humane was expecting 250 people to show up so we had to wait for everyone. They also had to make sure that they counted right, 1 dog per human. I didn't mind waiting. I was enjoying the warmth of the sun and luckily I had my cap on to shield my eyes.

My awesome mat is from Affirmats.

Photo by K.C. Alfred. Featured on Union Tribune San Diego.

I was in a very zen like mood when Dawn told us that we were about to start. She made all of us stand and said we were going to start in a meditative walk. We had to go around the field and I was falling behind with the group we were in because I had short legs. We went around the field for the second time and the humans alternated between walking and doing yoga poses. The humans did a couple of poses such as Tree Pose (Vrikshasana), Warrior III (Virabhadrasana III), etc. While the humans were doing yoga poses, the doggies had to listen to the commands given and were told to sit and lie down. We made our way to our mats and did some sitting yoga poses. Dawn instructed the humans to give the doggies a nice massage and we prepared ourselves for the final relaxation pose, Corpse Pose (Savasana).

My favorite yoga pose.

I haven't heard if we broke the record but unofficially there were more than 250 humans and doggies that showed up. This was a fun event that I got to do with my human and I will definitely do this again. Namaste… bitches!

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