Monday, April 27, 2015

Pet of the Month: Papi, Chico and Chloe - April

It's time to introduce our Pet of the Month for April or should I say Pets of the Month? Meet Papi, Chico and Chloe. You can follow them on Instagram @Papi_Chico_Chloe. Their mom Merary wrote about her 3 lovely babies:

My name is Merary. My boyfriend Ivan and I own our three little angels. Papi (chiweenie), Chico (chihuahua/terrier), and Chloe (chihuahua). About six months before I rescued my babies I had lost my first dog. I first rescued Chico when he was 4. Six months later I got Papi, he was 3. Chico was previously abused and it took us years for him to finally be comfortable with us. He is still nervous around new people. Papi has always been pretty independent. A couple years ago he got pretty sick, after a few vet visits and about 2 months of different treatments he was finally better. Ever since then he has been so openly loving and so sweet. We found Chloe on the street after I got off work. She is our princess and an empty pit. She's never full, and always looking for food. She loves her dad so much and kisses anyone she meets. They are our babies and we are so lucky to have them. 

Thank you Merary for sharing your story about your 3 babies. Check out Pet of the Month for details on how to get your pet featured.

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